3 Reasons why Nourdine Hmaimou is the player to look out for


The present captain of Hendon Football Club, Nourdine Hmaimou is growing remarkably fast in his career. It is just a matter of time that he would take over the world in a storm. Nourdine Hmaimou was born in Aberfeldy Poplar, East London, the United Kingdom on 23rd January 1999 to Moroccan parents. Since childhood, he was passionate about sports. He plays in the position of a centre attacking midfielder. In his brief career, he has made a noticeable mark. Here are three reasons that explain why he is the player to look out for.

1) Terrific skill and strength

The game of football demands skill and commendable physical strength. Nourdine is blessed with the perfect blending of both terrific skill and strength. At the age of nineteen, he is 5 ft 10-inch tall with a strong built. His physique helps him to move fast on the ground and tackle competitors with ease. Having a natural stint for football, he started playing at a young age. He started his career with West Ham Development team.

His performance influenced Anwar Uddin to pick Nourdine for his team Sporting Bengal Academy. His tenure with Wealdstone proved to be vital for his career. His experience from such a young age groomed him for the bigger stage. Finally, when Nourdine was selected for Hendon Football Club he got the opportunity to be trained alongside the national team. This helped him improve his skill. His hunger to learn more and achieve greater heights is an added advantage for his success. Hendon’s coach Gary McCann quoted “Nourdine is an excellent technical winger with outstanding dribbling attributes.”

2) A natural match-winner

Nourdine is a flexible player who is always in the attacking mode. He has a knack for scoring goals. During the match between Hendon and Ashford Town, Nourdine, once again proved his merit as a team player and a match-winner. The match started on a vulnerable note with both teams forced to play their weak teams. The game was evenly poised with both the sides giving equal competition. A small defensive error from Hendon helped Ashford Town score the third goal and equal the scores. Hendon tried to score but Ashford’s stubborn defensive tactics prevented Hendon from taking the lead.

Things took a turn when Nourdine stepped inside the ground as a substitute. Immediately his presence made the difference between the two sides. Nourdine showed his skill and assisted fellow teammate Malachy to score the winning goal for the team. It was not the first time that Nourdine assisted in such goals. It has become his habit. He makes sure that he is always in the game with his remarkable sporting spirit.

3) His achievements

It’s advisable to start young and Nourdine did the same. He started his professional career at the tender age of ten. After playing in various football clubs like West Ham, Sporting Bengal academy, Senrab Football Club, Wealdstone, and Aberfeldy sports club he moved on to Hendon. Within a short span, he was assigned with the captaincy of Hendon’s team. His leadership quality garnered appreciation from players and staffs.

Hmaimou played a major part in winning a traditional tournament held in the borough of Tower Hamlets, among six other colleges. This was not new for him as he has been a champion in outdoor and indoor sports since long back. To name a few he was the debate finalist of his University College London. He was the winner of 1500 meter long jump, 4×100m relay race and high jump in secondary school. In the 8th year of the secondary school team, he was the top goal scorer. At the age of eleven, he was named as the player of the year at West Hams Development.

The motive of writing this article is to make sure his story reaches people. It’s obvious that once he reaches the pillar of success, he will be pampered by the mass. But I believe that it is the period of the journey where a player needs encouragement the most. We all have dreams and we all know how tough the path is until the dreams are manifested into a reality. Let’s hope Nourdine's story becomes a source of encouragement for other aspirants.


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